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Scientists Say They Already Know How to Test the Theory of Parallel Universes

The existence of parallel universes may seem invented by science fiction writers, with little relevance to modern theoretical physics. But the idea that we live in a ‘multiverse’ consists of an infinite number of parallel universes has been considered a scientific possibility – although it is still a matter of vigorous debate among physicists. The […]

Exoplanet giant orbits two stars and has the potential to be habitable

The largest exoplanet (planet outside the solar system) ever discovered is around two miles, a distance that makes it potentially habitable, scientists said on Monday. The team of NASA astronomers who made the discovery using the American orbital telescope Kepler announced the findings at the conference of the American Astronomical Society, held this week in […]

Astrophysicists Can Hear Sounds Of The Oldest Stars In The Milky Way

A group of astrophysicists from the University of Birmingham in the UK, managed to record the sounds of some of the oldest stars in the Milky Way, according to results of a study released on Monday by the Royal Astronomical Society. The team said it detected the resonant acoustic oscillations in M4, one of the […]

Scientists discover how to contain greenhouse gases:

Scientists believe they have found a clever way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions – only turning them into stone. Researchers reported an experiment in Iceland that injected carbon dioxide and water within volcanic rocks. Reactions with minerals in the deep layers of basalt converted carbon dioxide into a stable solid, chalk consistency. Another encouraging result, […]

Possible “Hobbit” Ancestor Discovered

Fossilized remains of hominids found in Mata Menge on the Indonesian island of Flores, can lead to an end to an old debate involving Homo floresiensis. After studying the findings, researchers are almost certain that Homo floresiensis is even a new species with a great evolutionary journey. Excavations in the area located the remains of […]

Astronomers Observe Unprecedented Event in Huge Black Hole

A team of astronomers was able to observe for the first time as a massive black hole fed on an accumulation of intergalactic gas clouds, a fabulous cosmic climate phenomenon seen through the telescope ALMA, located in northern Chile. Astronomers have captured the big black hole, located in the center of a giant galaxy a […]

Meteorite: Bang in the Sky of Mexico

The astronomer José Ramón Valdés, the astrophysicists Coordination of the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics, said on Saturday that the event to be seen and heard in the early hours of Saturday was passing through the atmosphere of a meteorite that cut the skies of central from Mexico. At a news conference, the […]

More Quality to DSLR Cameras

Scientists at Harvard University in the United States, working on a new technology that can bring the quality of DSLR cameras for mobile phones, according to information released by the journal Science, last June 3. To achieve this goal, they created a new kind of photographic lens in glass place, uses quartz microstructures to direct […]

Scientists find evidence of ice age on Mars

In the month when Mars was closest to the Earth than it has been in years, scientists reported in the journal Science that the red planet lived an ice age after going through multiple stages of climate change. the Southwest Research Institute researchers reported that by using images taken by NASA and making radar measurements […]

Scientists Try to Create Human Organs in Pigs

US scientists investigating the production of human organs in pigs, adding stem cells from individuals and DNA from these animals, in order to respond to the lack of donors worldwide, said Monday BBC. A team of the University of California Davis City (USA) injected human stem cells in pig embryos to develop human-bovine embryos, which […]

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