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Zeiss Returns to Virtual Reality VR ONE Plus

The VR ONE Plus is the latest version of virtual reality headset for smartphones provided by Zeiss presented at this year’s E3, the video game trade show that once again held this month in Los Angeles, United States. And the major innovations are within the gadget, since the mark out keeps the materials making up […]

Mac Wins Desktop to Share with iPad

Apple announced on Monday (13) an update on MacOS –new name Mac OS X, the operating system of Mac– computers that includes the creation of a universal desktop for document sharing with iPhones and iPads. “For 30 years we have learned to put things we’re working on the desktop –then we will make the desktop […]

Harley-Davidson 100% Electric

It’s official: Harley-Davidson first fully electric engine will go on sale in five years, according to state officials of the US motorcycle brand, revered around the world for lovers of “two wheels” and known for its V- engine Twin air-cooled. With LiveWire project tests almost two years ago – some customers, journalists and testers had […]

Microsoft Will Buy Linkedin

The purchase of LinkedIn is just the largest ever not the Redmond company is also one of the most relevant technology sector, and despite the increasing importance of corporate social network, which has over 433 million members, showed markets some surprise. The initiative is a sense of Microsoft’s positioning strategy enlargement logic, that wants to […]

You finally can delete your files in iOS10

One new feature of iOS 10, released on Monday by Apple, has beaten many but promises to be the joy of those who suffer from the lack of internal memory on iPhones. The company will finally release the possibility of removing native applications on the new system, which will be released for all users by […]

Google is not Racist

Last week, many people were shocked with the Twitter user video Kabir Alli, which went viral to show a search for “three black youth” and then “three white youths” with totally different results. In the first images of seizures and bandits, while in the second case were white happy young, well-dressed and without anything negative. […]

Laser Technology Reveals Secrets of Hidden Cities in the Jungle

Several cities of centuries VII to XV, especially the Mahendraparvata, rivaling in size with the current capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, were discovered through the use of a new laser technology. And if some already suspected that exist, others had never been referenced. The size and location of these cities and the elaborate network management […]

Powered Aircraft Solar Finalizes ‘Symbolic’ Flight in New York

The famous plane Solar Impulse, which is solar powered, landed at JFK airport in New York, on Saturday morning, after four hours of a journey that began in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Taking off on Friday night, the aircraft spent much of the trip circling around the Statue of Liberty for a photo shoot. The […]

New Lenovo Mobile will interact with the real world

The new phone Lenovo is the first to interact with the real world. The call Phab 2 PRO, released on Thursday (9), San Francisco (USA), is distinguished by technology Tango, Google, which is able to map the environment around you, creating interactive games and applications that “talk “with the environment. The Phab 2 PRO will […]

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