After years of requests, Facebook has finally released the main guide and list of media global events used to filter the Trending Topics. This, because Facebook is accused of having basically Western trending topics, which makes Eastern news just come to the West or to spread worldwide.

Last Wednesday an ISIS terrorist attack killed more than 90 people and left 87 wounded in combat, but the focus of CNN was if Donald Trump would decrease or no taxes. But when it was the attacks of Paris, everybody focused on that attack.

Facebook then faced a similar reaction in a similar bias to last year when activated Paris security check feature. The Facebook then established a distinction between Paris and “other parts of the world where violence is more common and happen more often.” Many comments indicated then that Facebook is more Western side than the rest of the world. But while CNN serves American audience, Facebook aims to intervene globally, which ultimately bring conflicts to demographic level of its staff.

Then according to their documentation, Facebook Trending Topics presents what “is currently in English in selected countries” and therefore does not seem to focus too much on the non-Western world not English. AS stories Facebook, and the editorial decisions increasingly to the American public seem then to turn, since they are increasingly using Facebook.

Due to this fact, the Facebook released an official statement showing the tracking system to manage a small set of RSS feeds and from this system is seen that five English speaking countries are present: United States, Canada, India, United Kingdom and Australia. No other country who also knows how to speak English is there. In addition, RSS feeds largely disappeared as a reliable source of news content worldwide.

RSS feeds suggest a minimum focus on world events – discrimination by topic is general (16%), entertainment (15%), policy (13%), technology (12%), health (11%), business (10 %) Science (10%), Sports (9%) and Gaming (4%).

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