The new icon of the photo app that conquered the world by storm – Instagram – is now pink, purple and orange as it is different, but that is not the full extent of the changes made within Instagram and its design, as some radical changes have been made in this mobile app, which now packs a cleaner interface that is all black and white, substantially changing the way the app “feels” when browsing.

Instagram justified their need to change their icon by telling its audience that since the community changed, they felt like they had to reflect that.

Instagram’s Head of Design, Spalter, claims that when Instagram started, it was a simple photo editing and sharing app, while now there’s a whole community that is seamlessly connected with tools like Layout, Boomerange and broading all those connections with Explore.

The new colors present in the logo, which are the blured and blended orange and pink, also reinforce the rainbow of the old Instagram designed.

The Instagram icon has more colors, but the user interface, as we mentioned earlier, is now black and wwhite, which is meant to stop competing with the content for the users’ attention.

The usability and the general workflow of the app remain unchanged, and every button is still on the right position, but critics say the app looks cleaner, sober and overall more modern.


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