The Oculus VR gadget wants everyone to know that its potential is not restricted to gaming, and that it can even be a medium for serious documentaries and even films.

Now, Nomad, which is its first high-profile project, is on the Gear VR ready for the public to view it. The documentary was created by Paul Raphael and Felix Lajeunesse, the to heads of the Felix & Paul VR Studio in Montreal. The documentary takes the audience to foreign lifestyles by transporting them to “live” in three different parts of the planet.

The user can then explore Kenya with the Maasai, travel to Mongolia or even visit the Borneo Bajau tribe in the Malay Islands.

Each of the documntaries’ chaapters has close to 12 minutes in length, and have already been viewed in Tribeca and Sundance, as well as in other film festivals, but now you get the exclusive full series on the Samsung’s Gear VR Headset. The studio has a deal with Oculus since the year of 2015 and has been producing marketing-related content primarily, including a VR experience for Jurassic World.

Now, they wanted to transport the users to a community and make them feel as if they are accepted there, making you empathize with humans in a way that is impossible to 2D films to emulate. The studio wants to give the audience an emotional connection that takes the rational in us away for a few minutes and makes us live elsewhere, which is certainly an appealing prospect.

On the other hand, Oculus really wants the headset’s ergonomics to improve, since users will probably wear them for extended periods of time.




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