The rumors were true, Google has just released Gboard, an iOS keyboard that combines with Google Search. The Gboard looks like a normal keyboard, despite having a google button on the left side that you lead directly to a google search bar.

This week the app in iOS was in the top of the chart for free applications. But the question is: Can Gboard have Ads in the Future? To point out that Gboard can google search, which may mean that you can have ads. One can imagine that you can search AdWords ads that extend results of such “restaurants near me.” But a Google spokesman came to say that at this moment are not thinking of placing ads.

At this time Google is to leave “the game” completely open, since it is hard to imagine Google to not take advantage of Gboard to place ads and make the application a great form of income. In this era of mobile oddly enough Google has not highlighted much, but the launch of this new application can completely change the course of things, since most users prefer to spend time on Facebook. When it comes to social networks or Google could have the prominence it wanted when the few years announced Google+. After your recent changes, could not have even half of users who wanted, as Facebook and twitter are the ones that have dominated social networks completely.

For now, the Gboard brings only links to retail sites, but a possible change to include ads in the application can be well soon.


If Google can build the user base is critical Gboard, It Could have a dramatic impact on search behavior and give Google the monetization answers it’s been looking for on mobile. We will have waited to see what Google will bring below.

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