The Next MacBook Pro: The New Apple Model is Nothing But New!


We have been seeing how Apple’s laptop updates have rolled on these past few years, and we can consider that the biggest part was incremental, but Tim Cook and his staff have big plans coming up for the current year of 2016 according to new research.

The analyst behind the research is none other than Mink Chi-Kuo, and according to his studies, Apple is planning on releasing the biggest MacBook Pro upgrade in history!

Kuo disclosed this note to investors and the note as published originally on MacRumors. The info stated Apple is going to revamp MacBook Pro, fitting it with a Touch ID sensor and a panel above the keyboard that displays in OLED to work as a function keys replacement.

Touch ID is a perk we’re excited about discovering where or why it is used, especially when you add in the rumors of iPhone 7 integration.

The update will allegedly also pack a lighter and thinner design, and joining this all together we have, according to Kuo, the most significant update in MacBook history.

The analyst also points out that he isn’t expecting the screen size to change, so the models should continue to be the 15 inch and 13 inch models.

The rumor was initially that the refresh of the MacBook would happen during the month of July, but as it now turns out, we may have to wait until the fourth quarter to find how will the product look on Apple’s shelves as it appears it will only be released then.

A good news for any Apple fan that wants to see a major update on the brand’s laptop product line.



The Next MacBook Pro: The New Apple Model is Nothing But New!
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