No Man’s Sky Problems


Presented in December 2013, in Man’s Sky won the title game indie most ambitious ever and joined the list of most wanted games for consecutive years. It was expected for 2014, then 2015 and now leads to despair to those who wait for him for more than two years.

The game features never before presented concepts like endless exploration and infinite worlds, and confirmed the release date for 22 June 2016. However, not everything goes according to our plans, and it was there that came out a recent announce that the game was postponed to August 9. This aroused truly unbelievable reactions among online communities.

But it did not stop there. Sean Murray even received death threats and even Jason Screier, the journalist’s Kotaku revealed the possibility of such an event, he was criticized for having forced Sony to make true the news and to postpone the game. It’s a strange world we live in and the most fascinating is how a game that practically no one even threw in a given intellectual property without letters, is to raise as much passion and devotion towards industry supporters.

The Hello Games never committed to a specific date and so continued for two years. Sony itself has come to give No Man’s Sky as one of the great games of PlayStation 4 in 2015 but has never advanced a date. In Paris Games Week was finally confirmed for June 2016.

Each new delay does not explicitly confirm, every insistence on not commit to a date, some fans were losing interest but now that the date has been revealed in full and subsequently confirmed, the furious reactions contrast with the relaxed nature of the game. Journalists or programmers threatened and insulted by a game like No Man’s Sky seems to reveal the sort of exaggeration that this industry now delivers.

Our question is how to look at this whole situation of No Man’s Sky. Your interest remained or was decreasing over time? Will your ambition justify the long development, after all this is a small studio, or the lack of information and relevant news, combined with the date that insists on running away, are you saturate?

No Man’s Sky Problems
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