Obama Visits Hiroshima: Sympathy Without Apologies


The first United States of America President to ever visit the site of the world’s first atomic bombing run ever in Hiroshima was Barack Obama.

The President of the USA arrived at the hallowed ground at the Hiroshima Memorial Park this last Friday and his visit was quite historic and emotional at the same time.

Obama embraced survivors and made a call for the world to end nuclear weapons on this city that testified the terror of the atomic bomb in the 6th of August of 1945.

The decision to bomb Japan wasn’t apologized for though, as some would hope, and the president decided instead to address the world, reminding everyone that the terrible forces unleashed there deserve to be pondered about and the dead deserve to be mourned – as Obama stated in his speech down at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

About one hundred and forty thousand people were killed on the site of the explosion, including Americans prisoners of war and forced Korean laborers, and after only three days, Nagasaki was the site of a second bombing run that harvested the life out of over seventy thousand people.

Barack Obama seemed heavily focused in sharing his solidarity and sympathy, and tried to avoid all hints of blame, responsibility and excuses, even though it is known that several survivor groups have made tremendous pressure for a public apology to be made. On the other hand, Americans state that the bombings hastened the end of a war that would have reaped substantially more lives.

Regardless, Japan surrendered on the fifteenth of August of 1945, only 9 days past the infamous Hiroshima Bomb exploded.

Obama Visits Hiroshima: Sympathy Without Apologies
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