Offsite Ads for Non-Users: How Facebook Will Evolve its Ad Business


Facebook is a major player when it comes to online advertising, but now the news is that the social giant will develop the means to start displaying ads to non users throughout the internet.

If you were not logged on Faceboo, then all of the Facebook powered ads wouldn’t be visible to you, and the same would happen if you were not a user of that social network – well, this is the day in which all of that will change.

Over one and a half billion active users share their personal information with the social network Facebook, and as such Facebook has a really great advertising business that knows just how to segment and provides its client with amazing market segmentation perks.

This has been incredibly useful for those who want to generate awareness for apps, services, products or websites online, but it also worked wonders for the offline world.

The move made today will enable the Facebook Audience Network to reach even more people by targeting non-users as well, which is a subtle and yet substantial change in Facebook’s Modus Operandi when it comes to advertisements.

As stated in the Wall Street Journal, the cookie tracking will enable the identification of non users, and then an algorithm will enable the social titan to target not only the massive userbase, but the non-users as well.

Facebook will now start competing with Google for the global ads market, and while you may have escaped Facebook’s grasp by not becoming a user of the platform, you won’t escape this change now.



Offsite Ads for Non-Users: How Facebook Will Evolve its Ad Business
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