The Oregon Trail in the Video Games Hall of Fame:


“The Oregon Trail” along with games like “Space Invaders”, “Grand Theft Auto III,” “Sonic the Hedgehog”, “The Legend of Zelda” and “The Sims”, were honored Thursday in Rochester, NY for their influence on the culture of video games at the Strong Museum. Being a computer educational game that allowed children to put themselves in the role of the nineteenth century settlers enabled the game to join the Video Game Hall of Fame because of its famous history and educational value.

For Grand Theft Auto III, which is a virtual universe in the distance, the players were armed with spears or guns blazing.

“By assigning the ability of the player to do anything, whether on foot or behind the wheel, as with GTA III, debates on the role of video games and violence in society have been renovated. Videogames are not just for children, and this is one such example, “Saucier said, which came to buy the amount of games sold: about 14.5 million copies by 2008.

Among those chosen for the hall of fame are names like “Pokémon Red and Green,” “Civilization of Sid Meier”, “Street Fighter II” and “Tomb Raider”.

The Fort, which also houses the National Toy Hall of Fame, opened the Video Game Hall of Fame World last year to recognize electronic games of all types – arcade, console, computer, portable and mobile. To enter, the games must have had sustained popularity and influenced the video game industry or society.

The honorees this year were: “The Oregon Trail”, developed by three student’s teachers in 1971 and which marked an important step in history because it introduced many first time players to computers. The game was designed to teach schoolchildren in Minnesota American history by making them settlers heading west in covered wagons toward the Pacific coast. The director of Strong International Center for the History of Electronic Games, said the game was a pioneer in the mix between teaching and playing.

Now thanks to the internet file, the enthusiasts can play the DOS version 1990 free.

The Oregon Trail in the Video Games Hall of Fame:
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