Ozzy Osbourne’s Alleged Treason: How Sharon Osbourne Might Have Caught Him!


There have been a lot of rumors about Sharon and Ozzy’s recent split, and one of the most marked ones talk about an affair.

Sharon Osbourne discovered the alleged treason on the part of Ozzy Osbourne by hiring the services of a private eye to try to catch him red flagged.

The Sun claimed that the couple’s split came after Sharon found out Ozzy was betraying her with a famous hairstylist.

Touch was told by an informer that Ozzy as spending a lot of cash, and Sharon apparently caugh on it and demanded him to tell her what was he buying and, more importantly, who was he buying it for.

The insider also added that the findings suggested Mr. Ozzbourne was having a double life.

Sharon went to “The Talk” on the 10th of May to address the split, and she told the program that she kicked him out of the house but that Ozzy has already returned and she is the one who decided to leave.

Sharon also admitted she doesn’t know where she is going with her life and that she really needs some time for herself to think on what she wants for herself for the rest of her life, admitting she doesn’t know if the marriage will remain and that she loves her husband and her children. The audience showed their support, as well as the hosts, and Sharon thanked them for it.

On the other hand, she didn’t quite address the cheating rumor, but Page Six was told by informers that she suspected that was the case for some time now.

Regardless of everything, only time will say how the story will progress, and we’ll definitely keep our eyes peeled for it.



Ozzy Osbourne’s Alleged Treason: How Sharon Osbourne Might Have Caught Him!
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