You finally can delete your files in iOS10

One new feature of iOS 10, released on Monday by Apple, has beaten many but promises to be the joy of those who suffer from the lack of internal memory on iPhones. The company will finally release the possibility of removing native applications on the new system, which will be released for all users by […]

Exoplanet giant orbits two stars and has the potential to be habitable

The largest exoplanet (planet outside the solar system) ever discovered is around two miles, a distance that makes it potentially habitable, scientists said on Monday. The team of NASA astronomers who made the discovery using the American orbital telescope Kepler announced the findings at the conference of the American Astronomical Society, held this week in […]

Google is not Racist

Last week, many people were shocked with the Twitter user video Kabir Alli, which went viral to show a search for “three black youth” and then “three white youths” with totally different results. In the first images of seizures and bandits, while in the second case were white happy young, well-dressed and without anything negative. […]

Laser Technology Reveals Secrets of Hidden Cities in the Jungle

Several cities of centuries VII to XV, especially the Mahendraparvata, rivaling in size with the current capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, were discovered through the use of a new laser technology. And if some already suspected that exist, others had never been referenced. The size and location of these cities and the elaborate network management […]

Astrophysicists Can Hear Sounds Of The Oldest Stars In The Milky Way

A group of astrophysicists from the University of Birmingham in the UK, managed to record the sounds of some of the oldest stars in the Milky Way, according to results of a study released on Monday by the Royal Astronomical Society. The team said it detected the resonant acoustic oscillations in M4, one of the […]

Powered Aircraft Solar Finalizes ‘Symbolic’ Flight in New York

The famous plane Solar Impulse, which is solar powered, landed at JFK airport in New York, on Saturday morning, after four hours of a journey that began in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Taking off on Friday night, the aircraft spent much of the trip circling around the Statue of Liberty for a photo shoot. The […]

New Lenovo Mobile will interact with the real world

The new phone Lenovo is the first to interact with the real world. The call Phab 2 PRO, released on Thursday (9), San Francisco (USA), is distinguished by technology Tango, Google, which is able to map the environment around you, creating interactive games and applications that “talk “with the environment. The Phab 2 PRO will […]

Wall Street expects artificial intelligence helps to hire loyal bankers

Getting a job on Wall Street may depend soon to succeed in the interview and overcome an algorithm. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and UBS are exploring the use of artificial intelligence software to evaluate candidates on features such as ability to work in teams, curiosity and determination to help in the workplace, but not […]

Robotized parking is latest fashion in congested Chinese cities

The young Li Yan arrives in his car to a parking lot on the outskirts of Beijing, but rather than go around looking for a place, leaves the vehicle on a lift which will be automatically switched to a free place. The robotized car aims to make life easier in a city with little space. […]

Scientists discover how to contain greenhouse gases:

Scientists believe they have found a clever way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions – only turning them into stone. Researchers reported an experiment in Iceland that injected carbon dioxide and water within volcanic rocks. Reactions with minerals in the deep layers of basalt converted carbon dioxide into a stable solid, chalk consistency. Another encouraging result, […]

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