Water Inside the Moon was Carried by Asteroids, Study Indicates

It has water inside the moon. The fact was already known by scientists, but what they did not know is how and when the liquid was stop there. A team of researchers from France, the United States and England found that most of the water found in our natural satellite was carried there by asteroids. […]

Laptops Update Software Has Serious Flaws

The vast majority of laptop manufacturers have developed updated software so that, automatically, they are sent to users. This is an automatic process and that many feel that is free of problems. But the truth is that most have security holes, as has now been proven. Problems and failure are well known to have been […]

Oil Industry Dwindles These Last 60 Years:

According to Morgan Stanley analysts accounts citing Rystad Energy, released last week, 2.8 billion barrels of oil were discovered in 2015 outside the United States, equivalent to one month of consumption worldwide. Including that country, the findings increase to 12.1 billion, also the lowest in 63 years. This was another consequence of the strong oil price declines […]

Dutch university announces first robots to procreate

A group of researchers from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, ensures that could make science fiction into reality. As? Building robots that are able to “love” and procreate. The children explain, “born” through a 3D printer that prints the modules that make up the baby robot from the genetic material of the parents, for […]

Stephen Hawking backs project to send ship to another solar system

The British physicist Stephen Hawking expressed on Tuesday its support for a program financed by the Russian billionaire Yuri Milner to send a ship to another solar system. The plan, which has a $ 99.2 million budget and is also supported by the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, intends to send a small ship beyond […]

Maplink launches geolocation technology to map consumer habits

It would be nice if you could understand the movement of its consumers in the world, identify important occasions to communicate with them in an efficient and personalized manner and also understand their habits? It is what it promises to geolocation technology Findrix for Business, recently launched by MapLink, which crosses the location of people […]

Largest European companies sign anti-Brexit agreement

Responsible for almost seven million jobs across the European territory, dozens of record companies took unfavorable position outside the United Kingdom of the European Union. It is one of the most important issues for the future of European integration and is launching a public discussion rarely seen in the history of British politics. The famous […]

Data of 167 million LinkedIn accounts leaked on web

A leak of LinkedIn’s user data concerned has the service and its thousands of users. The problem would have occurred in 2012 and affected 167 million accounts. The LinkedIn admitted that its servers were hacked in 2012, which would have resulted in the leak of passwords. At the time, the accounts involved, about 6.5 million, […]

Zika outbreak in Cape Verde came from the Americas

The Zika virus that is causing an outbreak in the archipelago of Cape Verde since 2015 belongs to the Asian strain and is originally from the Americas, which follows a major epidemic of Zika, advances a statement Friday the World Health Organization (WHO). The Pasteur Institute in Dakar, Senegal, sequenced the genome of the virus […]

Scientists want to teach robots to feel pain

The biggest advantage of the robots that society usually know is that they do not have feelings and they can not feel pain, or even perform dangerous tasks for us humans. In addition to being fast, the robots do not complain, and this has meant that scientists wanted some of the “mechanical helpers” were able […]

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