Pavkov the strap which stimulates consumption with rules!


It is called Pavkov and is a bracelet developed by Intelligent Environment, a company that encourages consumption with rules. When a consumer becomes a consumerism out a shock of 255 volts. This is not a punishment for the people, but a way to correct mistakes. Who developed the bracelet was a British company that aims to help all users to control the impulses at the time to shop. The Pavkov ‘attacks’ where consumerism is greater than his own bank account.

This bracelet results from the potential of the ‘Internet of Things’ and is the issuance of an electric shock (not painful) when the limits are exceeded. The Pavkov is perfect for people who cannot control the instincts of consumption and advance for purchase, even knowing that this act can affect the balance of household bills.

The Intelligent Works want this equipment to be seen from a good perspective for each consumer. The creators claim that the technology may be much wider when it comes to saving, mixing different methods how to save electricity, gas, etc.

The system works via a connection to the body, but also the bank account so that financial management is more effective and accurate. The strap is in contact with the skin, but also has other features such as a blockage to the smartphone where usage is excessive, it can also function as an alarm clock.

All these measures were made to think about the consumer and the importance of savings and balance, so the company expects this bracelet reach a good number of users and that both can have a more balanced life.

Pavkov the strap which stimulates consumption with rules!
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