Pokémon GO: Beta test begin in the US.


Finally came the beta version of Pokémon to the US, and its time you learn how to register as well as other very important details.

Pokémon GO began in March to its test phase in Japan, followed by Australia and New Zealand a month later. This phase allowed players enroll in beta giving the opportunity to provide feedback to the Niantic Labs, the official developer. It was expected that the test became available anymore countries1 before the release of the game and finally came the turn of residents fans in the US test version. In a post on the official blog, the Niantic revealed that the field tests are for all players are invited to sign up to test the game and understand how it will work.

Niantic does not guarantee that all registered players are automatically selected for the testing phase. Users who are selected to participate in the program will be required to keep confidential the application content and must have an iOS or Android device to play the game. It should also be noted that all the progress that you make in beta will not be transported to the full version. Incidentally, the Niantic also ensures that the player will be able to restart the game several times during the program.

The beta also ensures that not all features will be included in the final version, and there may be things that do not work 100%.

However, to enroll in this program to participate in the Pokémon GO testing phase, will already be a great experience, especially for those who are Pokémon fan since forever, and they are waiting for more games to celebrate the 20th birthday. For those who are selected, the best decision is even take a look at this video 8 minutes.

Pokémon GO: Beta test begin in the US.
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