Powered Aircraft Solar Finalizes ‘Symbolic’ Flight in New York


The famous plane Solar Impulse, which is solar powered, landed at JFK airport in New York, on Saturday morning, after four hours of a journey that began in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Taking off on Friday night, the aircraft spent much of the trip circling around the Statue of Liberty for a photo shoot.

The pilot, Andre Borschberg, spoke to the BBC after landing and considered “symbolic” flight. “The United States is a country where you find many entrepreneurs and pioneers, then finish our journey through America flying over the Statue of Libertad – which is for me the freedom to do business, to innovate, which feeds the spirit of this country – is very symbolic. ”

The aircraft has a 747 size and weighs about 300 tones, with an average speed of 70 km / h. He departed from Abu Dhabi in March last year and the aim of the project’s authors is to take a trip around the world with solar without spending any fuel. The team wanted the flight to Europe had Paris as a destination, in a reference to the historic first crossing made by an airplane to cross the Atlantic, with Charles Lindbergh in 1927. But the weather will not allow it and it is more likely that the solar leave for Toulouse, further south, or to Seville, Spain. The solar project has achieved great progress since its inception on March 9, 2015. Last year, there were five flight of steps, starting in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, and stops in Oman, Myanmar, China and Japan.

During this period, the most striking was the path that lasted more than four days on the Pacific. This flight ended up damaging the battery of the aircraft, which had to undergo repairs and became “inactive” for 10 months. The project will be completed when the Solar return to Abu Dhabi. The plane is moved to energy “clean” – he has 17,000 solar cells, which are responsible for keeping it in the air supplying propellants and charging the battery. The idea is that the project calls the world’s attention to be implemented more sustainable technological solutions.


Powered Aircraft Solar Finalizes ‘Symbolic’ Flight in New York
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