Prince blood DNA begins to be tested: Who is the star’s heir?


A Minnesota judge authorized the blood of Prince to undergo DNA tests to confirm or deny the stories of all the people who came forward claiming to be one of his heirs, according to the reports of the Associated Express.

Friday, District Judge Kevin Eide freely granted a request made by Prince’s property administrator, to send a blood sample to the Diagnostic DNA Center in Ohio for genetic testing to determine whether people who claim to be heirs of the departed star really have any connection with Prince.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a second order was launched on Friday by Eide, which gives the possibility to anyone who states be one of the heirs of Prince, four months to submit this request and show evidence of the same to the court with Bremer Trust.

The singer of the famous song “Purple Rain,” died on April 21, 2016 and did not leave behind a will, having no written wishes on passing his property to anyone, which is valued at roughly $ 300 million. At this point Prince’s death’s cause is still unknown, because the investigations are still ongoing and the coroner’s report aren’t due for anytime soon these days.

After almost a month since the day of his death, the family has issued a statement, saying that the Star has not been put to rest “We would like everyone to know that, contrary to what is said in the previous and current reports, there was no memorial, funeral or any kind of tribute made to Prince, organized or authorized by the family or representatives of Paisley Park “. Thus, the family is still waiting for new news before making any official memorial or even public event to take place in the near future.

Prince blood DNA begins to be tested: Who is the star’s heir?
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