Sadiq Khan and the London Mayoral Election: The Victory

Sadiq Khan has just become London’s City Mayor after 8 years of conservative control, so the question remains on how did this man do it?

A heavyweight politician, this slim man boxes at a club and has been punched verbally by several conservative opponents throughout the path to his election, as the conservatives shown arguments Labour claims were Islamophobic ones.

Sadiq’s party also accuses the politic opponents of the newly elected mayor of playing the race card to divert the arguments from subjects and questions that mattered.

On the other hand, Khan painted his rivals as being led astray by evil forces as he claims they are fundamentally decent, which now may seem charitable by the newly elected London City Hall official.

Mr. Khan has displayed a smooth and unworried stance, has his simple messages and preparation conquered his voters and contrasted with Mr.  Goldsmith’s aggressiveness.

When it came to discussing the housing issue, Mr. Khan promised affordable houses with equally affordable rents, and these offers seemed credible for Londoners, who thought they were easier to approach than Mr. Goldsmith’s proposals.

Overall, what seemed to be the winning punch for Khan was his theme to help the ordinary Londoner and focus on the people, as the most populist of candidates managed to get the majority of votes – although the repulse for Tory “smear” tactics also seemed to have played a role.

Labour has now reassured their position in the capital, but demographics show that the trend shouldn’t be ending anytime soon.

Sadiq Khan and the London Mayoral Election: The Victory
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