Samsung Gear VR reaches one million sales in April


Six months after the global launch, the new glasses virtual reality of Samsung Gear VR reached one million sales in April – What is a record for a single month. The number was revealed by Oculus, technological partner of the Asian brand in this product.

There have been many stories about the skepticism of the industry experts as the actual adherence of consumers to virtual reality, that is, the enthusiasm was more of the manufacturers than users. But this metric Gear VR shows that there is indeed a desire for such content.

“More than one million people used the Gear VR last month to experience an amazing collection of immersive games, videos and experiences available in Oculus platform,” said the company’s team that Facebook bought in 2014. The virtual reality videos are the most popular, with seven of the ten most used applications are video. Oculus also states that 80% of people who use the Gear VR watch yet on video.

Oculus intends to launch in early June to Oculus Home, an environment that facilitates the search for downloaded content. You can also explore photos on Facebook 360, by applying Oculus 360 Photos, in other words, consumers will be able to see in the News Feed photographs in 360 in the coming weeks. When consumers are viewing a photo 360 a Samsung smartphone, have access to a button in the upper left corner that says “View in VR.” Simply place the phone in a Gear VR to see this content in virtual reality.


Developers have created so far 250 applications for Samsung’s glasses, which includes popular games like Minecraft and the shooter End Space and fishing game Bait!

Next week the Discovery VR will also launch a new experience in video to the platform.

Samsung Gear VR reaches one million sales in April
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