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Water Inside the Moon was Carried by Asteroids, Study Indicates

It has water inside the moon. The fact was already known by scientists, but what they did not know is how and when the liquid was stop there. A team of researchers from France, the United States and England found that most of the water found in our natural satellite was carried there by asteroids. […]

Study shows that Mars is coming out of an ice age

Mars is coming out of an ice age, after going through multiple stages of climate change, according to radar measurements in its polar ice sheets to a study published on Thursday, 26 of May, by the “Science” magazine. Analysis of the data indicates that the planet experienced an ice age which started out about 370,000 […]

Life in Europe, Moon of Jupiter

NASA (North American Space Agency) had already stated that Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, was the most likely place to have life beyond Earth. Now a study shows that the chemical balance of the satellite’s oceans is much like Earth’s. Research shows that there may be sufficient hydrogen and oxygen to the formation of life […]

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