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There’s a new feature that can change the way you watch videos, as you would watch a whole video or just clicked through it trying to find the good parts or something worth watching.

Well, now clips that aren’t immediately exciting can also get it right with this new perk, and this is especially useful for monologues, streams and so on.

Facebook Live will tell you when the good parts are coming because viewers can fire off comments and reactions that the broadcaster can see, like Periscope’s hearts which is the feature’s most direct competitor.

Facebook will work on a timeline showing when the videos had the most engagement and activity, so you can fast forward to those parts because that’s probably where the juicy part of the content is.

This is a way for video skimming to become easier than ever and it can also influence how videos are shot and how they are – on the other hand, amateur streams and projects will become more compelling, though quickly being able to alternate between moments can cause some breaks on the content’s narrative.

Facebook already stated that this engagement graph is being rolled out to part of its users. The experience itself is a bold one, and you could find perks like this on audio streaming already, like on SoundCloud where timed comments were added to some moments.

The social giant also disclosed that they are showing live video reaction replays that are being shown in sync on recorded broadcasts to make you feel like you’re watching it live, and you’ll even get to see Hahas, Likes, emojis, angrys and more by your friends who left them on the video overlay.

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