Strike and mismanagement terrorized EgyptAir before the disaster


The aircraft was in the route between Paris and the city of Cairo and was carrying 56 passengers. There is no hope of survivors, nor yet know the cause of the accident – despite the terrorist attack hypothesis being strongly considered.

EgyptAir is the main business of the most productive sector of Egypt, tourism, a kind of Nile jewel for the country hit by extremist attacks and political tensions. Only in the 70s was renamed EgyptAir, a few years after joining operations two Syrian rivals and start long routes to meet growing international demand for tourism and business in the Middle East. The magnitude of the operation, won independence but still portrayed the Egyptian government. The clashes guidelines, however, led to the resignation of al-Hefny.

The document pointed mismanagement, with complaints scraps abandoned by the company in the flight lanes Cairo International Airport, and unnecessary purchase of aircraft.

In response, former CEO argued on his Facebook page that reduced the loss of 2.8 billion to 750 million Egyptian pounds during his tenure, from March 2014. However, according to local newspapers, the relationship between shuddering Hefny and the Civil Aviation Minister of Egypt, Hossam Kamal was what weighed and not the air of the operating part.

The agreement reached between EgyptAir and the US consultancy Sabre Airline Solutions, in December 2014, under the command of the executive, would have displeased the government. To simplify and bring more efficiency to the business, part of the fleet was sold and some international routes canceled without authorization from the Ministry.

And now?

Beyond concerns about the management of the company are the concerns about the possible concussion of Egypt tourism front more this tragedy. The fall of the Airbus A-320 is the third dramatic air episode in seven months. In October, a bomb attack claimed by the Islamic State (EI) disintegrated on the Egyptian Sinai desert a Russian tourist plane with 224 people on board.

In March, an EgyptAir flight was diverted by an individual “psychologically unstable”, who surrendered and released the 55 passengers. The question is whether such occurrences will cause the number of tourists interested in visiting Egypt turn a desert. The country tries to attract more tourists and foreign investors from the Arab Spring in 2011.

Strike and mismanagement terrorized EgyptAir before the disaster
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