Tesla Motors: New Roadster Reloaded.


Apparently Tesla Motors already took on a new project that will surely excite sports car fans. When the company announced in February that he would be coming to market the Roadster Reloaded, she was not kidding. The new drive aims to reach the market in 2019, with the company you want to build the fastest car so than the EV from scratch.

The tesla has an interesting history with the Roadster. Besides being the first car Tesla, the firm might have never made it out of startup mode if the Roadster had not succeeded. The company produced about 2,400 units of the car, but the effect of these cars on the market was more than enough for a lively reception for the Model S.

Since our February report never heard no word from Tesla Motors on the new Roadster. However, last week a company official provided some tips. The Tesla manager in the Nordic countries has revealed that will make even more Roadster “We would have loved to build more. But if no one but you’re listening now, I can say that we intend to do. It will seem different, faster and bigger.”

Since the details are still sketchy, the new Roadtser will be built on the chassis model 3. Elon promised that the new car will include new battery, new tires to maintain the strength and aerodynamic kit to reduce drag.

However, Fortune reported that James Chen (Deputy Attorney General of Tesla) left the company to join Farady, since it has the idea that electric vehicles is that they are the future. The decision to create the Roadster had nothing to do with the current of former deputy attorney output as the news tried to indicate.

Tesla Motors: New Roadster Reloaded.
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