There’s a New Self-Driving Car Out There: Meet Acura’s Model!


Acura has a new car that has just hit the test tracks and it is a self-driving one that, according to the developers, supports complex testing scenarios.

The manufacturer claims the RLX was fitted with a Lidar, GPS sensors, camera, higher performance GPUs, CPUs, better heat management, better cabling and improved circuitry. However, not everything is good news since Acura officials are the first to tell you that the vehicle won’t be finished before the year of 2020, and the manufacturer’s decision to unveil its second generation self driving vehicle is a showing of what are the plans for it, not what can it do at this exact moment – the manufacturers seem to be focused on the future.

Between 2020 and the current year of 2016 though, the car has a lot of time to be put through the paces, and Acura will test this self-driving vehicle in San Francisco’s Bay Area, one GoMentum Station, which is a 5.000 acres vehicle proving ground with over 20 miles of buildings, paved roads, and of course urban infrastructures to simulate the real world and the environment the car is supposed to integrate in the future.

Honda is also testing its self-driving car at GoMentum, and Apple is rumored to have been searching to test its vehicle there, although there is still no such product in existence yet.

Acura’s model is using sensor fusion, which is basically a set of sensors working on harmony that detect relative positions of outside objects with snipped accuracy.

The sensors are also being put to work on the AcuraWatch drive assist technology on the SUVs and Sedans of Acura 2016.


There’s a New Self-Driving Car Out There: Meet Acura’s Model!
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