Trump’s Behavior with Women’s Story on New York Times Disputed:


The New York Times published a story in which Rowanna Brewer Lane painted Donald Trump, the Republican candidate to the White House, as inappropriate and even sexist, but the story as now disputed by that same source in an Interview this Monday.

Lane even added to Fox News that the newspaper’s portrayal of how the story goes with Trump was not only dishonest but also deeply upsetting.

The woman stated that she did not have a bad experience with Donald Trump, and that she doesn’t appreciate the newspaper’s efforts to make it seem that she had a negative experience that just wasn’t there, as the former model announced Monday morning. She also added that Trump did not made her feel demeaned and never offended her in anyway, being gracious and acting normal around all types of woman and people in general.

Trump did give a bikini to Brewer Lane, according to her, and he did comment on her looks in it at his pool party, but the woman felt flattered and not demeaned as she accused the New York times of stating.

The story on the NYT used close to fifty different interviews to depict a Donald Trump that is obsessed with how women look, on their weight and judging woman based on their appearance, while flirting with poorer and younger woman constantly.

Trump already came forward condemning this story, and has been quite active in applauding his colleagues condemnation of the piece for dozens of times in these last 24 hours.

It seems that regardless of all, the story did hit the crowd and took the spotlight, aiming it at Trump.



Trump’s Behavior with Women’s Story on New York Times Disputed:
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