US officials found crocodiles in Florida


US officials said they have found crocodiles from Nile river. DNA tests were needed to confirm that the three animals were crocodiles of an invasive species. Unlike ordinary alligators in Florida, this species can attack humans and is believed to be responsible for up to 200 deaths a year in its habitat in sub-Saharan Africa. Experts say it is possible that more of these crocodiles are released by the US State marshes. “They swam from Africa to here” said Kenneth Krysko, a specialist in reptiles and amphibians at the University of Florida.

Krysko told the Associated Press news agency that it is possible that they have been brought illegally to the country, and the person who brought failed to keep the crocodiles in a safe place or may even have released the animals intentionally. The crocodiles were found in Florida in 2009, 2011 and 2014. DNA tests to confirm that they were crocodiles nile were made only recently.

This species can reach up to six meters long, bigger than the local alligators usually reach the four meters long. These crocodiles generally eat fish, birds and mammals including humans. They are also known to attack livestock. Specialists Florida wildlife species fear that other countries like this crocodile could threaten the state of the ecosystem begin to play in the swamps of the Everglades National Park. “I have two words for you: Burmese python. If you tell me 15 years ago that we would have a population of these established in the Everglades, I would not have believed,” said biologist Joe Wasilewski. Species from other countries can cause a lot of damage to an ecosystem that is not ready to receive them.

When the first Burmese pythons in Florida appeared, they started to play very fast and maintained their high population feeding local wildlife, which is made up of endangered species. Among his fangs were to the local alligators. Now it is believed that there are about 30 thousand these snakes in the region. And the Florida government even came to allow hunting of Burmese python.

US officials found crocodiles in Florida
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