Viv Promises to be Amazing: The New VR From Siri’s Creator


Adam Cheyer and Dag Kittlaus were the ones responsible for Siri, Apple’s assistant (Virtual Of Course), and they showed their newest creation a few hours ago – it is Viv and it promises to be the next generation of artificial intelligent assistance. The development has been made under the cover of discretion, and it started off as being a desire to improve on the existent Siri AI, but making it connect to a huge array of services instead of online being based on a basic web search.

The demo of Viv was going on for about 20 minutes and it showed Viv handling some pretty complex requests, even being able to connect to third-party sites and merchants to acquire products or handle reservation booking.

Viv is a platform that is open to a lot of tasks Siri can’t even dream completing, and Siri depends on web searching for mostly everything. On the other hand, Viv offers third party connections to merchants, so it can help you buy or reserve products and services, as the company that designed it has “Intelligence becomes a utility” as its slogan.

Viv is designed to learn about you, and to personalize itself for you, to better serve its, or her, user. On the other hand, she is meant to be device agnostic, not just something that will stick to one particular brand.

Microsoft and Facebook are anticipated to be Viv’s biggest competitors

Onstage there was another reveal that was a big thing for developers, as Viv would spill out code showing how it understood and acted upon its user’s request, which may help these professionals developing services simply by interacting with the bot.




Viv Promises to be Amazing: The New VR From Siri’s Creator
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