Water Inside the Moon was Carried by Asteroids, Study Indicates


It has water inside the moon. The fact was already known by scientists, but what they did not know is how and when the liquid was stop there. A team of researchers from France, the United States and England found that most of the water found in our natural satellite was carried there by asteroids.

The study came to the response by combining numerical models and data analysis of lunar samples of previous studies. This would have happened between 4.5 and 4.3 billion years ago. The study with the results of the research was published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications.

Based on hydrogen and nitrogen samples, the authors show that a class of asteroids rich in water, known as carbonaceous chondrocytes, was responsible for most of the water in the lunar interior. Comets represent less than 20% of the total water of the moon.

It is believed that the Moon formed from debris generated in the collision of a planet the size of Mars and the Earth, about 4.5 billion years. This material generated a magma ocean. Water was to the interior of the moon over a period of 200 to 10 million years ago, when this lunar magma ocean still existed.

In this model, comets and asteroids collided with the magma ocean on the Moon. The formation of a “cover,” or crust on this ocean prevent water and other volatile substances to escape.

Although these results suggest that most of the water came from asteroids, it is possible that other party has been derived from the Earth after the “big bump”. The idea is supported by the fact that the Moon and Earth have the same hydrogen isotopes, almost like “fingerprints.”

Water Inside the Moon was Carried by Asteroids, Study Indicates
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