Will the new generation of consoles base on streaming? Ubisoft says yes.


The future has not yet arrived, but the CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, told reporters he expects the current consoles are replaced with “new types of console” – completely based on streaming – after the next generation. According to the executive, we have only one more generation of traditional consoles, after the current.

“As for consoles, we hope that there is only one more generation of consoles that can boost the growth of this market. I believe that we will have another generation before we see another new format to reach the market,” he said during a meeting investors for the presentation of financial results of the company.


With regard to said “new” format, Guillemot stated:

“We believe in streaming -. It depends on huge bandwidth we think that will continue to grow, along with new types of games, but it will take to become really popular.”

When asked about possible updates to a new PS4.5 and new XboxOne, guillemot seemed to reiterate that a new generation will emerge before any changes:

“The truth is that there is nothing official on this matter, are all rumors. So my expectation is that there is a new cycle of consoles before we get into definitive in streaming. I have no dates or other indicator, what I see and manufacturers prefer a new hardware that can take advantage of the existing potential on the table. ”

Many of the gaming industry executives have expressed their belief in the future of streaming via the cloud, for the future of consoles. Even the head of the Playstation, Shuhei Yoshida has shown doubts about a possible PS5.

Will the new generation of consoles base on streaming? Ubisoft says yes.
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