Windows 10 and Hololens

windows 10

The bet of the Redmond company has not been focused on virtual reality but in augmented reality, adding layers of information to what we see, and the opening of the Windows Holographic platform is an important time of the strategy. In Computex Microsoft showed that its platform can be used with its Hololens glasses, but also with virtual reality devices, such as the HTC lives that can be used at the same time with the Windows 10 for working a single virtual model. If the statement was a motorcycle.

The merger between augmented reality and virtual reality is already designated as mixed reality, or reality “mixed” or “combined”, and the future can come by. At least that’s what Microsoft believes. The company believes that 2020 will be sold 80 million devices “mixed reality”, between augmented reality and virtual reality, a number that is above analysts’ expectations only to virtual reality goggles. This year sales are expected to exceed 9.6 million, with Oculus VR to lead, estimates IDC.

Microsoft warns however that we must take a step forward, since the devices are on the market today do not work with each other, have different interfaces and also use the accessories and differentiated content. That may change with Windows Holographic platform. Opening the platform to multiple partners can lead to a new way of working and the launch of Windows Holographic platform could also be a first step towards commercial availability of Hololens still limited partners and programmers, and without marketing date set.

HTC is not the only partner with the Microsoft account this reality strategy “combined”. Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, Acer, Asus, CyberpowerPC, Dell, HP, Lenovo and MSI are also on the list, and that is not why some businesses fail to be involved in other initiatives, such as Google which also has the He daydreams your platform.

Windows 10 and Hololens
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