Windows 10 preview comes out early!


The Microsoft plan to release a version of Windows 10 update to beta testers was today, but the build got loose prematurely, ending up on some users’ PCs late Tuesday.

After Microsoft realized that the build 14342 escaped from their customers, they continued to push it to customers, and this can make you get a little confusing. Gabriel Aul came to tell the public that some Windows users “received the build 14342, and were only intended to receive it tomorrow, apparently the publication was too far,” said general manager engineer of the group operating system last Tuesday.

Microsoft’s plan, according to Aul is to continue to release some versions, may sometimes not be fully taught! Windows Insider program is the program that Windows users receive the Windows 10 version builds, giving all participants an early version of features and changes that eventually ended up a production quality upgrade. As it has been standard in the Insider program, for each update they do, to build back always new changes, and 14342 was no exception. The major change of this build is the ability to be able to add add-ons to the browser Edge. Aul is itself says that “The Edge has the ability to download directly from the Windows Store all kinds of add-ons”, referring this news on the company blog, last Tuesday.

The add-ons for Edge have been the most awaited tool for Windows 10 users since its arrival, and once the promised is due, the beta testers now have the ability to then test the said tool, since it was postponed 2015 to March 2016. So can we conclude that the Windows Store will have exactly the same purpose as Chrome Google Web Store, where customers are using the browser add-ons.

Windows 10 preview comes out early!
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