Wiz Khalifa: Kanye West Regrets Attacking the Artist’s Son

On the 16th of January, Wiz Khalifa asked Kanye West to change his Swish album to Waves on Twitter, and even though Kanye didn’t answer straight away, the reply came when Wiz tweeted “Hit this KK and Become Yourself”.

It turns out that Wiz was talking about Khalifa Kush, his strain of weed, but Kanye didn’t see it that way, thinking he was talking about his wife Kim Kardashian (KK) and her sex tape, which made Kanye rant about Wiz’s music for being corny and aiming at the artist’s ex-girlfriend Amber Rose who mothered Wiz’s son Sebastian before the couple’s 2014 split.

Wiz and Amber’s boy was blasted by a “I own your child!!!!” post, something Kanye is deeply regretted to have said so.

Kim and Amber posed for a selfie to show there was no bad blood there, and Kanya argued that he was saying that liner as a “really funny joke”, now confessing to be permanently haunted by the remark as he now thinks how he would feel if it was someone telling that about his two kids Saint and North.

Kanye also admitted having reacted without thinking on the Radio Show “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” Tuesday, the 3rd of May.

As a defense, Kanye told that he took it too far because he felt bad having someone talk about his wife, and that he deeply apologizes to everyone as he adds he respects parents a lot, wanting only to lay out “positive concepts”.

The radio interview also had the announcement of Kanye’s big tour in September, where he will promote his new album “The Life of Pablo”, which will be his first roadshow since Yeezus shows in 2013.

Wiz Khalifa: Kanye West Regrets Attacking the Artist’s Son
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