Zeiss Returns to Virtual Reality VR ONE Plus

The VR ONE Plus is the latest version of virtual reality headset for smartphones provided by Zeiss presented at this year’s E3, the video game trade show that once again held this month in Los Angeles, United States.

And the major innovations are within the gadget, since the mark out keeps the materials making up the construction, form and general appearance. In addition to work with Inspire 1 DJI for virtual reality experiences with this drone, the VR ONE Plus promises full compatibility with Daydream technology, whose release date has not been confirmed by Google, although it is expected that this is one of points of interest next version of Android.

The previous version of the Zeiss VR ONE only worked with a limited batch of terminals, but now the support has been extended to any iOS or Android phone with screen sizes between 4.7 and 5.5 inches. And was not this a brand specialized in the construction of optical lenses, the Zeiss announces “a sharp image from the center to the side edges” and that “it is not necessary to function in settings of different interpapillary distances.” Additionally, users who wear glasses do not need to remove them as they experience the VR ONE Plus.

“The panorama of virtual reality has changed significantly since we launched the VR ONE in 2014. The previous model has allowed us to collect feedback from users, which makes this new version has been created according to the new needs of industry and platforms virtual reality, “says Franz Troppenhagan, product manager at Zeiss. The new headset is compatible with any smartphone screen between 4.7 and 5.5 inches, and includes support for controlling the drone DJI Inspire 1. The launch is scheduled for August, but pre-booking is now available.

Zeiss Returns to Virtual Reality VR ONE Plus
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